Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer is Here

Well, we all know that by now, but it has really just sunk in. Maybe it is finally having warm weather, the pool parties, the AC running in the evening, the sound of loud ass birds chirping in the early morning or just the late evenings of putting off the "to do" list to just relax and sip on some Sauvignon Blanc (from New Zealand preferably).

Last weekend was fun filled and packed. Saturday was spent at my cousin's son's Luau Birthday Pool Party. Sonya was all dolled up in her Hawaiian dress, then went swimming with her daddy in the huge pool, was a total natural and kicked her feet around in the water, and then she changed into her hula skirt and lei. We then were off to dinner with the hubbs' dad for Father's Day.

On Sunday we hosted breakfast for hubb's step dad and mom and grandparents for Father's Day. That evening we were off to my parent's house for a BBQ rib dinner to celebrate Father's Day with my dad. I am still recovering!

It was really fun to celebrate hubb's on Father's Day. It being his first, it was nice to reflect on all that he does for me and Sonya. It is crazy at how much of a natural he is. Really, I think he was brought to earth to be a dad. I love him so much, he always is there for me and Sonya and I couldn't imagine not being with him.

Speaking of dads.... sweet Jon Gosselin for being excited about the next chapter in your life. You are an ass and need to get over your early life crisis and pull those ridiculous earrings out of your ears. Kate, you know you were nasty to your husband, so don't act all surprised that he is over it, although he still should man up. They should of taken the damn show off the air and tried to work out their marriage. Seems kind of like they are giving up.



Jeninacide said...

OMG! She is SO CUTE! Look at her HAT!

Oh and UGH- I don't even watch the Jon and Kate show but I hate them and wish the media would leave them alone. TLC should be ashamed of themselves for continuing to air the show... Those children will be scarred for life.

Multi-tasking Mama said...

I am SO OVER the Gosselins.

Sonya is so adorable.

Jiff said...


And amen to the Gosselin crap. I totally agree. Man up Jon, Shut up Kate, and suck it up and fix it for your kids OFF AIR.