Monday, June 1, 2009

I've Got the Funk

I have just been working on a powerpoint presentation all morning and need to take a breather. I have been really unhappy at work lately. My company is always reorganizing. I am constantly trying to move up to the next step in my career but there always seems to be some roadblock in the way. Reorganization, new management, hiring freeze, etc. In a way I really let it get to me. I am very competitive at work and need to always be #1. But in another sense, I enjoy having my flexible schedule right now. I work from home a couple days a week so I can spend more time with Sonya. If I got promoted, that could change.

We took Sonya to the park yesterday. She loved the swings. Loved them. She would squeal in delight and kick her feet all around. While at the park I was witness to so many derelict parents not watching their kids. Little toddlers would go running by the swings where kids were obviously swinging and almost knocked over the little ones. The parents were barely even concerned! Then I looked over and saw a 5 year old girl swinging from a branch in a tree. Nice. Then a little boy (about 6) went walking by pushing a Bugaboo stroller with a toddler boy inside. The older boy slipped and knocked the stroller right into a cement ledge. The little boy was hysterical and crying but seemed to be okay. The mom had just been relaxing talking to her friend not paying attention. Dumbasses.

Yuck, now I need to get back to this PowerPoint. This has been a perfect sour Monday post. But at least I have the Gosselins to watch tonight. Good grief.


Neil and Meredith Larson said...

I took Grace to the park the other day and this one lady was so busy talking she didn't notice her toddler was being attacked by red ants, and her other kid was eatign stuff off the ground. Scary

Not So Perfect said...

I love the new picture of you and Sonya on the side bar thing, you guys look so cute.

I see kids all the time at the park without parents even. The other day I was there and a 4-5 year old said he walked over to the park by himself.

I hope you get out of the funk soon.

Jiff said...

Yeah, I live in a very kid infested neighborhood and we all watch out for everyone. It's nice. However. One set of parents just lets their 4 year old roam the street while they all watch tv. These people live way down the street from me. I've taken her home numerous times and so have neigbhors and my husband. They don't seem to care. I just hope some weirdo never drives through our neighborhood and picks her up.