Monday, June 15, 2009


What a waste of a weekend. Hubbs and I woke up on Saturday morning both sick from food poisoning. We figured it must of been the hamburgers we ate at a restaurant the night before. The day consisted of sleeping on the couch, trips to the toilet. My parents ended up watching Sonya because we literally had no energy and kept on getting sick. Yesterday we both started feeling better and I even made a batch of homemade spaghetti. I was fine until I ate dinner and once I did I got sick all over again. Today I am home where I have been sleeping the day away. I have had a bowl of cereal that is somewhat settled in my stomach.

During all of the sickness I watched Rachel Getting Married, which I hated. Way too depressing and herky jerky camera for me. Afterwards I finished off my Saturday night with a little Top Gun, which I always am in the mood for.

The word on the streets is that this could actually be stomach flu which might explain my 102 fever. Maybe a shower would make me feel better. That is if I can make it up the stairs. Wait, Adventures in Babysitting is on now. Shower can wait.

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Jiff said...

Lots of people have been sick this weekend, from what I've heard. Could def be stomach flu. :(