Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's Pouring

Why does it seem that when it rains, it always has to pour? Right when we decided we are settled in our house, we get up and and decide to move!!!! Move in three weeks to be exact. Move the weekend after my niece's first birthday and the weekend before we go to Orange County for hubbs' uncle's wedding. Weekend after that is Halloween followed by Miss S's birthday weekend! Before you know it will be time to gain 5 pounds at Thanksgiving, we'll be getting a Christmas tree and I will be trying to keep a walking baby (not yet walking but I am sure she will by then) from pulling the tree over, unwrapping all the presents and eating ornaments.

Phew! Did everyone get all that? Yup, Fall always seems to be crazy. I love the fall but there is always so much going on that it whizzes right by. I could go on and on about the mayhem mentioned above but instead have decided to fill you in on the following:

1) I am skinny. Very skinny. I regularly get comments from co-workers and family that I am skinnier than before I had Miss S. I have always been thin with a nice rack. Now I am just thin with a mediocre rack. My waist is narrow, my ass non-existent and my abs, well, they have never looked this good. My secret? Quiet simply, having a kid and crazy job. Eating just isn't a priority for me and some days it gets to be 2 or 3 in the afternoon and realize I haven't had lunch, then eat something and since it was so late in the day I don't get hungry at dinner time. However, most days I eat regular meals. I have really good metabolism. My parents and brother are thin (well not so much my dad these days due to his appreciation for his nightly micro-brew(s). I know I need to add on a couple L B's. however, it just doesn't' seem to happen. Not sure if that my metabolism is extra fast now or something. I am not going to go out and binge on fast food just to add some junk to my trunk, that just isn't healthy, but I do indulge now more than I used to. Maybe it is going to slow down eventually. Until then, you will find me at Baskin Robbins enjoying that extra scoop.

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Multi-tasking Mama said...

I love that you wrote about being skinny with boobs and having great abs.

Don't get me wrong, I am very jealous. Not about the boobs because GOOD LORD do I have those right now.

But I do love that you will write about being skinny when pretty much every other woman is writing about being fat.