Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Back to the Grind

Trying to work from home while handling conference calls and work fire drills, indigestion, diarrhea all over crib, doctor's appt. for me, doctor's appt. for Miss S, dinner at our favorite pizza place, pass out on couch, bed.

Donuts, bagels, laundry, park, tantrum on train at park, back home, nap, mom naps, dad naps, burritos for dinner, State of Play (good, had to pause it three times so Hubbs could explain what the heck was happening), pass out on couch

Blueberry pancakes, Target, Safeway, long naps, cleaning bathrooms, more naps, Ribs at brother and sister in laws, Pinot Gris, endless toys for Miss S to play with, Miss S in the bath with her cousins, home and pass out, followed by more indigestion

Tortillas and eggs, mall with mom and Miss S, naps, off to hubbs' grandparents for pizza and salad, Miss S was bored with the lack of baby things to get into at their house, home, Mad Men on TiVo and more indigestion

Up at the crack of dawn, get self ready, Miss S ready, Hubbs is long gone on to work, schedule cat to get into vet, back at work playing catch up, wearing cute dress, great hair day, more indigestion.

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Christy said...

What is with all the indigestion girly?