Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Cuddle Club

On Monday nights I snuggle with my daughter. Because the rest of the week the Cuddle Club only lasts for 5 minutes.

Miss S is a limited snuggler so any chance I get to be in the Cuddle Club, I jump at it. I think that on Mondays she may go through withdrawals of not having her mom around while at daycare. So on Monday nights, she takes a long time to get to sleep. Instead of dozing off quickly, she hollers and whines until I go in there and get her out of the crib and she immediately rests her head on my chest. I of course, can't resist this so I sink into the rocker and snuggle with her. She dozes then wakes up, looks at me, even touches my face, just to make sure I am there. She does this over and over for about 20 minutes, before I put her back in the crib and she falls asleep.

My niece Ava, who is exactly one month older than Miss S, is a total cuddler (both go to daycare, so that is not an argument). She rests her head on her parents shoulder all the time and will even fall asleep on them even when there is activity going on, whether it be a party, tv, etc. Not Miss S. She would rather be all into everything. She pushes off Hubbs and I and no matter how hard we try to snuggle, she does not want anything to do with it..... Unless she is super sleepy in her room before bedtime, she will cuddle. I think she is slowly getting better at mellowing down. It hurts our feelings sometimes, but I recently realized when I googled this, that, heck, tons of kids don't cuddle! Apparently, this is normal. Kids either cuddle or they don't. I just hope, she will be a more active member of the Cuddle Club someday. Anyone have tips?

"What's all this talk about cuddling?"

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Christy said...

Porgie wasn't much of a cuddler when she was a baby, but she is better about it now that she is a little older. Izzy, on the other hand, constantly wants to be in my arms. Honestly, it can be annoying and overbearing.

Everything is better in moderation.