Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Woodchuck, Could Chuck, Could Chuck Wood... or a Crib Rail

So, we have a wood chuck on our hands, in the form of a plump, dimpled and grinning 8 month old. We discovered our little creature in the act on Tuesday when I came in and found her standing up in her crib. I noticed white flecks all over her face and assumed it was maybe some dried formula? How lame am I? Then I looked down at the railing and saw bite marks all up and down the railing. Pour thing is teething like crazy. She has three, THREE!!!, teeth coming through on top and probably a fourth right behind them. She has been pissed, and so would I. I have been giving her Orajel and teething toys, but the only things that seem to work are baby Tylenol and Motrin.

Daycare was closed all last week. Hubbs did Daddy Daycare 2009 on Monday and Tuesday and I was home with her Weds-Friday. I worked from home intermittently, but really it was nice to stick my middle finger up at them for awhile as I am getting burnt out. Back to the swing of things tomorrow. Yuck. I think Sonya will be ready to go back too. I think she is way more stimulated at Daycare, even if I take her to the park, on walks, around the mall, Target, etc. to get her out. She still prefers hanging out with her kiddy friends.

This weekend has come and gone so quickly once again. We went to a graduation party, out to breakfast, ran errands, used up my Gymbucks at Gymboree (they must have the smartest marketing team ever) and did my regular Sunday grocery shopping. Enchiladas for dinner followed by some play time and then the Next Food Network Star!

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Jiff said...

I should take a photo of our cherry crib. :( Two sides are covered with teeth marks. My husband was NOT happy, but I told him we could always sand and restain. Or have someone do it professionally.