Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Green with Envy

I have noticed many bloggers out there who have incredible photo taking skills. I mean, they should be paid for taking such fine shots. How come I can't have skills like that? I am green with envy. I try to be artistic with my photos but after a couple attempts decide that heck, I might as well pay someone to do that.

It was decided this past weekend that I am to refocus energy into meal planning. Lately, as I bitch about a lot on this blog, I have been doing such boring and uncreative meals. How many times can you do raviolis? And the kicker? I am a good cook. Seriously. I am. You eat at my house? You are eating comfort foot. No gourmet shit here. I cook things that stick to your ribs, dammit. Stuff that you can walk away from the table and say "damn, that was grub!". Last night I busted out Tamale Pie, straight from the Better Homes & Gardens cookbook, but the 1963 version!!! The book was my grandma's and the recipes are so funny, and sometimes horrifying (Spam & Noddle Casserole?) but there are some great tried and true recipes that are timeless, such as Tamale Pie.

Sonya now says Dog, Cat and today she said Tractor when she was watching the Baby Einstein Old MacDonald DVD. So cute.

I think my eye site is going downhill. I have worn reading glasses since I was 7, but being back at work has shown me that my eyes really suck now, especially when I look into the distance. So today I am wearing these Versace glasses in silver and already I feel so much better. I have an appt. in a couple weeks to get my eyes checked out and see if I need a stronger prescription. Exciting, I know.

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Just Jiff said...

yeah, I'm not the greatest either, but I loooove taking photos. I delete more than I keep, but I am still trying.

I just started back to school full time on top of working full time so I need to do meal planning. I've been thinking about it for a while.