Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Lady Who Lunches

I am on vacation this week and therfore have filled up my social calendar. Well, not really, but it seemed cool to say that. Yesterday Sonya and I met up with an old friend from high school for coffee. She is married and has no kids and does not work much. More like 2 days a week. Must be nice, right? She's rich, so there you have it. Today I am "lunching" with another friend who just had a baby a little over a month ago. Tomorrow we plan on visiting the Wednesday night Farmer's Market. On Thursday I plan on working in another coffee date with another pal. After that, I'm all out of friends so good thing I don't have two weeks of vacation or else I would be screwed! Although we aren't doing much this week, it still is nice to just fart around with the little one, especially since the weather is nice. I could get used to this being off thing. Hubbs' definitely appreciates it. In fact, he was quite thrilled that I made him a fried egg sandwhich today. We get excited about the small things around here, people.

This weekend was hotter than heck. We ran the AC and tried to stay cool. We checked out the Rose Parade on Sat. morning. Sonya loved it and took in all of the different floats and bands walk by in her jogging stroller. On Sunday she had a "play date" with my friend who has an 8 month old. They have a cute baby pool that squirts up in different places. Sonya was all ready to go in her cute swim diaper (cloth swim diaper, trying to be a little green) and her adorable bathing suit. She had her 70 sun block on but when the time came to put her in the water, she wanted nothing to do with it. She burst into tears as soon as her feet touched it. I think it was too cold for her liking. I know, already a princess. Meanwhile, her friend had a blast playing in the water. Sonya was okay to play on the blanket but was just not into the water. I guess we just need to get a pool of our own so she gets used to unheated water.

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Jeninacide said...

Yay for a fun social calendar... My calendar has been so full lately I just wanting to lay on the couch! No time for that! Spring brings out all the socializers!

Booga did the same thing the first time we tried to put him in the baby pool. Now I can't keep him out of the FREEZING OCEAN. What a difference a year makes :o)