Friday, May 1, 2009

Hiding Things

Last night I attended a "Southern Living at Home" party hosted by my cousin. It was really fun, there was a huge turn out and my cousin had gourmet cupcakes from the cupcake shop. I sipped on some Sofia bubbly (so nice and easy to drink by the way) and hung out with my family and friends. A lady was there to show some of the items in the catalogue and then everyone figured out what they wanted to order. The items were pretty overpriced but pretty. I ended up buying a hurricane that was reasonably priced.

Someone made a comment about how they were going to have to sneak their purchases into the house so their husbands wouldn't see. Then a bunch of other ladies chimed in that they would have to do the same thing and that they usually fib about how much things cost so their husbands don't give them a hard time. I could and could not relate to these women. I grew up in a house where my dad questioned every item my mom purchased. She is now super sneaky about things she buys and it is so frustrating to me that she has to do that. It is not like she goes out and spends loads and loads of money, it is just little things here and there.

Hubbs on the other hand NEVER questions me about what I spend my money on. I am very lucky. He trusts that I am not charging up our credit cards. I like to bargain shop and now that I have one more person to buy for, am frequently coming home with various shopping bags. The only thing he ever says about it is that the bags take up room in our closet. Which is my fault because I let things just sit in the bag for a couple of days before I actually do something with the items.

He lets me shop and I let him purchase the random electronic stuff he always has to have (AppleTV, Blue Ray DVD player, HD video camera). Granted, he makes these purchases not very often. So it all balances out in the grand scheme of things.

So do your men care about what you buy or do they look the other way like my hubbs? Coming from a home where you had to sneak your goodies, I know how stressful it could be and am thankful that hubbs is so easy going.


Christy said...

My husband doesn't care what I buy either. However, he tends to spend way more than me, so that is probably why.

Jiff said...

My husband doesn't question me either.

Jeninacide said...

My husband definitely doesn't care, as long as the bills are getting paid. Although for some reason I always tell him how much stuff costs and I tend to ROUND DOWN when giving him the number. I have no clue why I do that.