Wednesday, April 29, 2009


All this high school talk has had me start thinking about my roots. I live in the same town I was born and raised in. I moved away for 4 years for college but moved back right after graduating. I hated being gone from home.I gave birth to Sonya in the same hospital both me and Hubbs were born in. Hubbs and I went to the same high school. He was two years older and I didn't start dating him until the end of my senior year. His parents went to the same high school we went to and even had some of the same teachers we ended up having.

There have been times that we have discussed moving into a bigger metro area where there are greater opportunities. But those moments are fleeting because because we then realize how nice it is living where you grew up and close to family. Granted I continue to run into old classmates at Costco, the mall or Starbuck's, and rarely can remember their names and sometimes look like I just rolled out of bed.

The other day on my way to dropping off Sonya at Daycare I realize that a doctor's office complex that I pass every day was where one of my high school boyfriends and I would go to make out in his car at night. So cliche, I know. We were at dinner the other night at a restaurant and I realized I had gone to it prior to a dance with my date and a group of friends. Last Saturday, there was a group of Prom goers eating at the same place we were. It brought back so many memories that are getting more and more fuzzy with age.

Unlike a lot of people, I really enjoyed high school. If I could go back and relive some moments, I would in a heart beat. I was popular, preferred to be a spectator at sporting events rather than play them (unless you count JV Softball bench warming). I had plenty of friends and boyfriends. I was however, not a Mean Girl. I never participated in backstabbing, saying nasty things about people or left notes on anyone's car or had any left on mine for that matter. Plus people knew better than to mess with my '88 Ford Tempo, which was called the "Empo" because some douche bag ripped off the "T" at a party I was at. I can't remember how I explained that one to my dad. I was active in Student Government and loved going to dances and planning the rallies and talent shows. I was involved in high school programs through the YMCA. They all helped me build confidence and relationships with people at my school I might not have if I was not involved with those things. I feel I had a variety of friends in various clicks.

I think since my house was so dysfunctional I really focused on extra-curricular activities to help me not get cooped up at home. I always had a handful of guy friends who I hung out with regularly. I think their friendships also shielded me from getting caught up in drama that some of my girlfriends were always tangled up in. Probably why I only am in touch with about 2 people from high school. Once I met the hubbs I realized who my real friends were and through the years I have those two. And that's all I need. It's about quality, not quantity.

I am not saying I was perfect and that I did not have my insecure moments. I definitely gossiped like everyone else in the school, and know I was gossiped about too. But I rarely let it get to me. I knew I needed to have as much fun because time would just fly by.

My 10 Year Reunion is next June. Not sure if I will be attending. I don't really want to as our school's reunions are notoriously pathetic in both turnout and venue.

What I can say, is that I like having roots in this town. I like seeing something when I am driving and get taken back down memory lane to a wild night in high school, or even something earlier on. Passing the park where I swung on a swing for the first time. The lake where I was a lifeguard. The roller rink where I went to so many birthday parties. All those memories are things I will point out to my Sonya some day (just not the make-out spots) as we are driving around. I must say I am looking forward to it.


Christy said...

I didn't hate high school either. It was okay. I was never picked on or anything. I remember going through pouts of depression, but these had nothing to do with school.

However, I am glad to be FAR FAR away from my hometown.

Jeninacide said...

As much as I did not enjoy my high school experience overly-much, I am definitely considering going to my high school reunion next June, but ONLY if my friends go too. Haha.