Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Stain Stick Fever

Now that Sonya is eating baby food I am stain sticking everything. She keeps spitting up her carrots, squash and sweet potatoes which leave nice stains on her clothes. Even when she wears bibs, the spit up seems to clear the bib area and drop on to her pants or me. The stain stick is only doing so much. I need something stronger. I have been using Shout and Spray n' Wash. Does Oxy Clean work? Billy Mays sure as heck says it does.

Yesterday on my way to work I slurped my Cinnamon Dolce Latte a little too much and it splattered right across the front of my favorite white top. FAVORITE!!!!! I knew it was going to happen. I almost stuck a straw in my drink like the lady at Starbucks driving the white Range Rover in her work out clothes at 9 a.m. (byatch). So I made a detour back home and changed and applied my worthless stain remover to it right away. That one might actually come out, but the baby food....not so much.

Hubbs installed XM in my car. I have never been happier. Now I can flip from 80's on 8 to Howard Stern (which I reluctantly now enjoy) to heck, classical music if I so please, all commercial free!


Jiff said...

Yes. Oxyclean DOES work on anything organic. What I did was run a sink full of water with Oxyclean in it and soaked the babyfood stained clothes for a few hours while I did other things. Then wash it with Oxyclean and it should come right out. :)

MarvelousMOM said...

I'm not looking forward to that!! Do share what works so I can prepare! :)