Monday, April 6, 2009

Rash Mash

Sonya has rashes all over. Little clusters of redness around the diaper area, on her back and her belly. Just when I think it is under control, they reappear. Tomorrow I am calling the Ped. She has already been to see them for the rash and we got some anti-bacterial cream but it is not working.

Hubbs was sick this weekend. Typical hubbs cold. I thought I was getting sick but it never really materialized. I have been getting crazy hot flashes, basically like I am having a fever. Then I realized I had a bladder infection and maybe the fever is related. My doctor and I have been playing phone tag so I am still unsure what ailes me.

Work is crazy now. I am in my fourth week back and the work load is on. At first I thought it would be nice and mellow but now the time I am at work I am seriously hustlin'. It's okay though, makes the days go by much quicker.

Yesterday I went to a baby shower where scallops and lamb shanks were served, it was 4 courses ( small courses ). I left wanting Carl's Jr. but got a hold of myself and came home to eat carrot sticks. Not a lamb fan. I dunno, just don't care for the taste. It is weird to me.

It seems like I have been whining a lot in this post. Guess it's a sign to say "over and out" because I am tired and therefore whining.


Jiff said...

Wow. I've never been to a baby shower where you had "courses" ...and never had lamb in my life. I feel so backwoods. lol.

As for the rash... has she been eating something different, are you using a fabric softener, or does she have a virus? I hate playing detective too!!

Marni's Organized Mess said...