Thursday, August 28, 2008


I am hereby retiring maternity jeans. Will at least I will try. They have become so uncomfortable and unflattering. I have had enough! First off, no matter if you spend $10 or $170 bucks on a pair, they all suck. "Why?" you might ask or others might say "Duh".

Maternity jeans are just not built right. I have one pair that is comfy but always stretches out in 3 seconds in which it looks like I am carrying a load around in my pants. Then I have one pair which are fancy with rhinestones on the pockets and expensive that I think are the worst. The elastic band around the top is horrible. The crotch is always sliding down to my knees and I am always pulling them up. I even wear my bella band around the waist band for extra hold, but it barely helps. Then there is a pair from GAP which basically are already too small. They fit me when I was about 4-5 months pregnant and that was it. Plus they are a size larger than my other GAP pants which fit way better. Don't get GAP sizing. Last but not least, I have a cute pair from GAP with little back flap pockets (my favorite style for gals with nonexistent booties like myself). They are the closest to fitting fine except they also seem to fall down.

I love jeans. I can wear jeans pretty much every day at work if I really wanted to (dressed up of course with heels and a cute top) since our office is somewhat casual. Am I just finding the dud pairs of jeans or are they really built weird? I have almost a month left before I go on maternity leave and once I do I can wear sweats and my comfy clothes. Until then I will be battling my jeans, thinking of creative ways to keep their asses on my ass.


Jeninacide said...

Um yeah, I bought a pair of wide-legged maternity jeans from Old Navy and a really EXPE$IVE pair from a maternity boutique. Well, I grew out of the expensive ones in like 2 days and ended up wearing the maternity ones FOREVER- even though I looked like I had a load in my pants. It's the price I had to pay.

Christy said...

I always had the same problem too. So frustrating. My favorite maternity outfits were dresses.

Steph said...

I am a jeans freak. That is all that I wear and love that you can dress them up or down. I am very nervous for when I actually have to buy maternity jeans and even more so after reading this post! Guess I will be experiencing the load in my pants soon enough... ;)