Thursday, August 14, 2008

F in Etiquette

Today I received my invitation to my baby shower in September. It is the cutest and most chic invite I have ever seen. I love it. I noticed right away that my registries were not listed on the invite. I immediately went into panic mode picturing myself with 465 cute outfits but no bottles, diapers, bouncer, bedding, diaper genie, breast pump, etc , you know, the registry necessities. I always assumed for things like this that the registries are always listed at the bottom to help guests figure out what the guest of honor needed. Apparently, that is not the way to do it and that according to proper etiquette it is rude to include registries. I learned this after I made a stink like a selfish brat. Don't get me wrong, I do not think that the only thing about showers are the gifts. Showers are about celebrating the miracle of life. That is number 1. It just so happens that people show up with gifts which is why people started registries, so you would not get 465 outfits, although I think you still wind up with 243. I felt really bad for freaking out (which I did just to my mom who is not the one throwing it, I was just worried that I was not going to be well equipped when the baby arrives). Trying to be a prepared mom!

Anyhoo, I learned my lesson- not to get all hormonal and wig about that people would not see where the heck I am registered. They will find it out the proper way when they R.S.V.P. I'm such a jack ass.


Jennifer said...

Guess my invites were rude, then. Where I was registered was included at the bottom. And TTL because my friends gave me things off of it instead of two billion outfits. One friend did supply me with a ton of clothes that her baby had worn which was AWESOME. But my family totally ignored the registry and they ALL bought clothes. And the 463 outfits is pretty accurate. I think Bayley can wear a new outfit everyday for the next year and never repeat one. And no, I'm not exaggerating.

Jeninacide said...

I cannot even remember if my registry info was included on my invites or not. It probably was- and for me, when I am going to an event such as a baby or bridal shower, I KNOW that I will want to bring a gift so I appreciate knowing where they lady in question is registered... but technically, it IS bad etiquette. But whatever- it's easy to figure out where people are registered, and as Jennifer mentioned above, most people IGNORE your registry anyway. It's true.

Oh and I use Hope in a Jar on my face NOW, but when I was pregnant it made me waaay to greasy- you should try Hope in a Bottle- the Ponds is just for body lotion. Oh and 100% Vitamin E oil from Trader Joe's is the best thing for your tummy (and ass) area while preggo. I swear.