Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Hubbs!

Happy Birthday to My Hubbs! It is your day!

To My Birthday Boy,
You deserve the best day ever. You have been working so hard lately, with work, the house, and taking care of my pregnant self, you truly deserve a great time. I am so lucky you are my man. You stand by me 100%, make me feel better when I am feeling down, scratch my back when I am itchy, make me peanut butter and banana sandwiches with WAY too much pb whenever I want one, always say my cooking is great, take the dog out in the middle of the night when she has to barf, do loads of laundry without complaining, wait on me hand and foot when I am sick, send me pretty flowers, treat me like a lady and always am protecting me from anything.

You are going to be the best daddy ever to our little girl. I already see your natural way with kids and know that will shine through when she is born in just over two months. You are an inspiration and I will always be your girl.

Mrs. Pickles

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Steph said...

How sweet. Hope his birthday was wonderful!