Monday, August 11, 2008

A Weekend of Motivation

The Olympics are here! Our t.v. has been tuned in all weekend. I focus primarily on swimming, diving and gymnastics while the hubb's focuses on any and all, whether it is fencing, weight lifting or rhythmic gymnastics, you will find him on the coach glued to the t.v. Pre-season football could not even get him to change the channel. After all of sports watching I was motivated to bust out my own athletic skills in the kitchen. I started making pudding, banana bread and some stuffed bell peppers. I had to peel myself away from making a fudgy batch of brownies and willed that I pace myself and save the brownies for next weekend.

While I still am not eating sugar, I allowed myself some pudding, to get my Calcium and all, you know. Today at my OB's office, I got on the scale to find out that in 5 weeks I have not gained a pound! Constipation and everything! I guess eliminating sugar really does work!!!! I now start going to see her every two weeks.

I have been trying to figure out which stroller to get for a long time now. While it may be easy to many, I don't want to get the wrong thing, especially considering how much you use it. I originally thought the Chicco Cortina system, then the Graco Quattro Tour system while also getting a jogging stroller for getting my ass back in shape. I even eyed up the Peg Perego but they just seemed over priced for what you get. Then my sister-in-law suggested I just get a BOB stroller and use it for everything since it is compatible with Graco infant car seats. I am starting to like that idea. I don't know. This decision making is hard!


Jeninacide said...

I have the Chico Discovery system and I absolutely LOVE IT. The car seat is a little on the heavier side once your baby starts gaining weight- but I love the stroller. I have used the stroller so much the tires are bald. I wonder if I can get replacement tires?

Jennifer said...

I have the Eddie Bauer discovery or something. I don't use the stroller much, but the infant carrier ALL THE TIME. And I have a jogging stroller. One word of advice: I got the $170 Jeep model where you plug in your ipod and baby can listen to music. Sounds great, but my friend has a less expensive off brand and the front tire can turn! My front tire is fixed and it's hard to turn corners.