Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wind Down

Well folks, summer is starting to wind down in these parts of the North Bay. Although the weather is still in the 80's, the nights are turning cooler (except for last night), the fog is taking longer to burn off, the Maple leaves are changing colors and the grapes in the vinyards are almost ready to get picked.

I love the end of summer because I know that fall is just around the corner. Fall is mild in this area and we only get a little bit of rain before the wet winter starts. I love Halloween and the smell in the air of smoke from fireplaces. In no time at all I will be preparing pot roasts in the slow cooker, hot cider and cinnabon rolls while decorating my house with Halloween/Thanksgiving stuff. Sundays will be filled with football watching and being lazy.

In other news, I woke up last night from the most horrific leg cramp. I have not gotten any in the last couple of weeks. I had to jump out of bed to straighten it out while yelling as many swear words possible. The hubbs woke up thinking something more serious was going on. I woke up this a.m. with a sore leg.

Also, yesterday in the shower I noticed a VARICOSE vein right above my knee on the left. I had been warned by women and pregnancy books that this happens when preggers, but I always doubted it would happen to me. So much for that thought.


Jennifer said...

OH! I had leg cramps like crazy too!! I hated those! You know, I felt like my body was taken away and I was given someone else's while I was pregnant. I had strange aches and pains, nothing worked right, and everything leaked. It was so strange. But I still miss being pregnant. Enjoy it!! And get as much sleep as you can NOW.

Steph said...

I always get a little sad at the end of summer. I notice it getting darker later and it has been much cooler at night. I have heard about the leg cramps too and am not looking forward to them.

Mojavi said...

make sure as soon as you think your getting a leg cramp flex your feet /toes toward your leg stretching your leg muscle. It has stopped many of my leg cramps.

I am thrilled summer is over... I hate summer! unless of course I am on the beach and drinking an alcoholic beverage.