Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Brain is Mush

Today I had a day long meeting where we conducted "organic brainstorming" for one of our wine brands. An outside agency came in to help us get our asses together in the thought process, but let me just say I was not doing much thinking. Pastries were brought in with coffee in the a.m. I willfully refused to indulge in the chocolate filled one I was eyeing and pretended to pay attention to other people's ideas. Secretly congratulating myself for eating my oatmeal and banana instead of that buttery goodness.

Then trays of sandwiches, Kettle Chips, cookies and brownies and salad were brought in about an hour prior to lunch time. I sat for an hour thinking about how everyone needed to cut the crap and "let's eat!" while I kept stealing glances at the buffet of food. It was like they had no regard for the pregnant woman in the room. Lunch was not as tasty as it was supposed to be so when it came time to savor my cookie, I was disappointed. I picked an oatmeal raisin (thinking it was a more healthy choice than the delicious looking brownies with gooey frosting). The fricking cookie was littered with walnuts. I like nuts, just not in my baked goods, especially cookies. I wasted my daily sweet treat on a walnut cookie. Boo.

When it came time to leave I couldn't get out of there quick enough. I ran off to eat my peach and apple because I was famished. It is so hard being good when pregnant! All I want to do is eat crap, but my sensible side always kicks into gear and thinks about all of the nutrients I need to be eating, not sugar, butter, and chocolate. Doesn't chocolate have calcium?


Steph said...

I hate when I am so excited to eat something and then I put it in my mouth and start chewing and it isn't at all what I expected it to be. Sounds like a tough day, especially for a pregnant woman. I totally look up to you for how you are eating and am trying to do the same. I haven't cut out sweets completely, but I have never been a huge sweet eater. I try very hard to make healthy choices, but sometimes, it is hard.

Jennifer said...

Wow. You're so dedicated. :) Just remember...that your little baby is burning extra calories. So if you're eating healthy all day long...then enjoy a brownie every now and then...cause you can't indulge as much after delivery. :)

And that totally sucks about the cookie. I hate that.

Jeninacide said...

When I was pregnant I remember marveling at how calm and sweet natured my cousin's baby was, and I asked her what her secret was and she told me to eat chocolate every day for nice calm child. So I did. And lookie here, I have the sweetest baby boy EVAH! It was totally the chocolate ; )