Tuesday, September 2, 2008


This weekend we moved. We moved to a house back into our home town (about 10 miles away). Before we were living in a little suburb town with three restaurants (okay more) which we thought would be fun to live in but turned out to be super isolated. Anyhoo, we are back in town. Moving sucked like moving always does. We started bright and early on Saturday and still were moving things yesterday evening. We still have a bunch of crap at our old house which needs to be a carted to the new house, but we can handle that this week.

My body is worn out. I obviously did not do any heavy lifting, but standing on my feet and getting things organized was one tough chore for an 8 month pregnant chic. My sciatica is on fire and I even have to walk with a limp it is that bad. Sunday was the day we had the moving truck so that was the roughest day. Even being worn out, we still ended up making it to a BBQ that evening where I planted my ass in the chair and barely moved the rest of the night.

One of the most pain in the ass things about moving is not being able to find necessities for those first couple of days, i.e. your toothbrush, face wash, shoes, etc. The first night Peppermint Patty decided to investigate the new digs but wanted to check back and make sure we were still there and would wake us up every hour by prancing on top of us meowing and then bouncing off the best to go explore again.

Baby furniture is ordered and should be getting it next week so we can begin working on the nursery!


Jeninacide said...

Ew! Moving while 8 months pregnant= SUCK! Take a load off missy!

Jennifer said...

No doubt! Moving while prego has to be A W F U L. Now you need to go get a prenatal massage. :)

Steph said...

Moving sucks...I couldn't imagine doing it pregnant! Kuddos to you. I would definitely be spending the week resting, although I am sure you have a ton to do.

YAY for baby furniture! You will have to post pictures!

Mojavi said...

omg you poor thing. Now you have so much work to do with all the unpacking. I am still unpacking and we moved 3 months ago!

Moving SUCKS!

Sorry about your siatica, mine is on fire to, I walk like a hobbit!