Friday, September 12, 2008

I Am Desperate

Today I did the unthinkable. I shoved myself into a pair of my pre-pregnancy jeans just out of shear frustration with maternity jeans. The pants I got my self into (after some shimmying and squatting) are a nice worn in pair of Sevens a size larger than my rest. Obviously I did not get one notch of the zipper done but I was able to wrap my belly band around the waist and "Wah Lah!" I am wearing Sevens that make my butt look like it should! Not like a flat pancake. They are slightly more comfortable than my maternity jeans and look fine. I am wearing a long maternity tunic to cover any waistband unevenness. I don't think I will make this a regular occurrence, but I just had to do something.

On another note, my shower is tomorrow! Yeah! I am so excited. I will make sure to take TONS of pictures. My cousin is throwing it for me and I am sure it will be so cute. Off to get a pedicure after work so I look all spiffy for the day.


Marni's Organized Mess said...

How exciting! I am so jealous. A friend of mine always wore (actually TWO friends) regular jeans while prego. Shoot, I can barely get my chunky butt in NON prego mama!

Congrats on the shower! I hope it's the BEST!

Steph said...

That is exciting. I keep getting excited over the stuff you have going on knowing that I will eventually be there!!! I want to get a belly band and try to wear my normal jeans as long as I can because I am scared of maternity jeans after what people say about them.

Jennifer said...

Wow. I wish I could've squeezed into pre-prego jeans. Not long after I found out I was pregnant, I couldn't fit into ANYthing. I didn't try the belly band things. I just bought some maternity pants from Old Navy and was happy with that. :) If I was tiny and cute like you, I'd probably do the same thing you did though!

Multi-Tasking Mama said...

I bought a pair of Seven for all mankind maternity jeans. Best. Investment. Ever.

I couldn't have fit into my pre-prego jeans while prego if my life depending on it. Nope, not me. My ass was just as pregnant as the rest of me.