Monday, September 29, 2008

So about that Labor thing....

Went to childbirth class Friday evening and all day Saturday with the hubbs. Did not know what to expect. Figured I would be sitting cross legged on the ground with hubbs behind me as I practiced breathing in and out in. I also figured there would be a lot of couples for me to people watch at. Turns out I was wrong. We did very little breathing exercises (fine by me) and there was only one other couple in the class.

We walked away very informed and I feel pretty comfortable about this whole Labor thing which is just around the corner. I even feel quite calm about it. Even the hubbs was thoroughly impressed by the level of information we received. Of course, there were the occasional movies showing women's London and France clearly exposed, at which time hubbs ducked his head and asked me to tell him when it was "okay to watch again".

Aside from the classes, I washed the crib bedding, and all of my newborn and 0-3 month clothes and they are nicely put away in their polka dotted pink paper lined drawers in the dresser (my mom is an avid drawer liner). My favorite things to fold were the many pairs of Trumpette socks which I received in both the Mary Jane and Cowgirl styles. Seriously, are you kidding me? Can socks be any cuter?

It is my final week of work before I am off on maternity leave. Trying to get things organized as much as possible for while I am away but so far I am procrastinating like crazy, focusing more on finding a table lamp for the nursery.

In other news, I am have been going to physical therapy for my sciatica. Today was my second time and I have to say I am feeling a bit better. Quite better that I can actually walk upstairs without hurting too much or yelling out to many profanities. It still hurts like a mo fo when I switch sides in the middle of the night. Not a fun task.


Lainey-Paney said...

sorry about the sciatica. happy that you'll be on maternity leave soon!

Multi-Tasking Mama said...

Your lucky, my birthing class was 90% breathing and 10% info with 25 other couples. Which would have been fine if I had any desire to have a natural birth. Which I didn't.

Jiff said...

I was given the Mary Jane socks by Trumpette too! They're SO precious!! I have the pastels.