Friday, September 5, 2008


I am so ready for summer to be over with. We have had one too many heatwaves. I am tired of sweating before I go to sleep each night wondering when it will cool down. Tired of wiping away the sweat between my boobs. I want to hear the rain pattering against the windows as I snuggle up in the covers. Since we leave the windows open at night to let air in, Lucy can hear all of the dogs barking in the neighborhood which she in turn decides to answer them and wake up the entire house. She does this every night when it is hot.

I am ready for my sciatica to buzz off. This is getting out of control. Maybe if I start eating sugar again, it will feel better. Interesting rational.

I am so proud of Hubbs for starting to cook. I am the only the cook of the house and when he wants something to eat it either needs to be a quesodilla, grilled cheese, sandwich or a frozen burrito for him to cook. Lately, he has been venturing out more and making eggs in the morning, and even helped me make calzones last night. I know, look out. But this is big, coming from someone who rarely sets foot in the ktichen. I have been encouraging him to learn to cook more since pretty soon it will be a lot harder for me to turn out nutritious and hearty meals every night (except weekends, we always eat out on weekends). I think he will do just fine.


Steph said...

Very nice. I am enjoying the cooler nights. Lately there have been tons of coyotes out that are always waking me up, but I love the cool air.

Christy said...

Turn on the AC woman! I hate to sweat. Yuck!

Jennifer said...

Yeah, turn on the AC! You're prego. You're allowed!

And that's awesome that hubbs is cooking. Why didn't mine?? We just ate out more. :)

ed said...

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