Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Rambling Rosie

Aaahhh!!! I did it again! I cut off the eyelashes on my right eye this morning. I only took off the center section leaving both sides still in tact. It was my stupid eyelash curler. I think it might be too old because this happened to me several months ago, same section of my lashes, different eye. Looks like it is time for me to order another Shu Uemura curler from Sephora. So ticked off. I am blessed with long lashes so it is somewhat noticeable.
In case you have not heard, California is covered in forest fires. Something like 800 are plaguing the Golden State. We had the driest winter ever (I like wet winters) so everything turned brown way too early this year. Apparently some lightning storms sparked all of the fires. The skies are so nasty. I mean NASTY! We have been warned by the oh so serious news anchors to keep our asses inside to avoid breathing in the fumes. Duh, who likes breathing in smoke? Oh, wait, I guess smokers. Anyways. It is overcast but it should be sunny. The sky is giving off an orange tint. I just hope all of those firefighters stay safe and are able to extinguish the flames as soon as possible.
I ate lunch yesterday at Solage Calistoga. I ordered a beef spare rib open faced sandwich with melted Gruyere. It was kind of gross. The beef was just too beefy tasting, I needed some seasoning, maybe a splash of A1 steak sauce would of helped out a bit. I love A1. I should of just ordered the damn burger like they recommended. On the way back I stopped by Yogurt Time and got me some sugar to make up for the weak lunch. It is low cal so I don't freaking care.
I sometimes wonder if chicken and waffles is a good combo. I watched a "Throwdown with Bobby Flay" one time where he challenged some lady who makes great chicken and waffles. That is not a dish that is common to this area and not sure if I would like to combine those two things together. What is wrong with Fried Chicken by itself? Same with waffles? Now fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy- that is the Throwdown I want to see!!!!
How come clear nail polish chips away so quickly? It is fun to chip away, but at least give me a couple of days of glossy nails first.
I love flowers. I judge a wedding by the flowers they have. I have planned many work events in my day and flowers is always my top priority. Nothing brings a bigger smile to my face than flowers. If someone at work gets flowers delivered, you will find me in their cubicles oggling their roses or hydrangeas trying to fight the drool about to escape my mouth. If I get flowers delivered to me at work you will find me giddily prancing by on the way back from the front desk to my desk with delight where I will place them in a spot where people will definitely notice them as they pass by. I have taken a couple of flower arranging classes. I am not that good so I stick to the simple things.
Someday I want to have fresh flower arrangements in my corner office delivered weekly, hell, maybe even twice a week. Remember in "Devil Wears Prada", Miranda always has gorgeous white roses or peonies in her posh New York office. I want that office with flowers some day, just without the attitude.

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Marni Tiani Self said...

I have a friend that works at Solage. How funny is that?

I know what you mean about the smoke. It sucks.