Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Nesting Has Begun

We are the worst at taking pictures. There are those people who capture every moment on camera and there are others who routinely forget to bring their camera or if they do forget they brought it with them. We are the latter of the two. We rely on other people taking the shots and forwarding them to us. Granted, we do take our share of pictures, it is just there are other people who are so much better at it than us.

I have tons of pictures on our computer from the past couple of years. They have never been printed and just sit in our folder waiting to be viewed from time to time. Now all of a sudden I want to scour through them and print out all of the ones which are decent and start compiling photo albums. The only photo albums we have is our wedding album and a scrapbook my mom put together for us before we got married. It is pitiful. We have been together for 8 years, therefore, have created many memories and you will walk through our house and find barely an album and some occasional pictures on the wall. In addition to creating the albums, I want to pull out some good pictures and blow them up and put them in larger frames. I need to have our pics together before the baby comes because I know that our picture taking habits are going to change thus creating many more photos to organize.

I guess this means I have entered into nesting mode. I feel I have always been a Nester (or maybe you can just call that a home body).


Christy said...

Before having kids, I never took pictures either. But now, I take at least 10 pictures per day.

Jeninacide said...

I never took pictures before having a baby- except when I was in art school taking photography... Heh.

I still don't take pictures every day. I should though- gosh.

I was a CRAZY nester when I was pregnant. I got pissed any time anyone even SAT in our living room because they would fook up my couch cushions. I wanted everything EXACTLY the way i wanted it. Glad I'm past that... : )