Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday, Monday

On Saturday I got my first pregnancy massage. It was lovely. I definitely felt relaxed and rejuvenated afterwards and hopefully will make sure to have one once a month here on out.

Saturday night we had dinner at my parents house and ate WAY too much food. Maybe it was the ribs, potato salad, corn on the cob, green beans and two slices of cheese bread which did me in. I have now realized that, although I am hungry all day long, I really can not eat large amounts of food at one sitting because my stomach can not get super full. I was uncomfortable for about three hours afterwards. That cheese bread was so good.

After dinner we went downtown and watched all of these old cars cruise. It was nice but the exhaust fumes were a bit too much for me to handle and ended up hiding in out in Peet's Coffee people watching from afar.

Yesterday, the hubbs and I test drove some strollers at a local baby store. The two I like the best were the Graco Quattro Tour Sport and the Graco Metro Lite. After doing some research online it looks like the Quattro Tour Sport has way better reviews with the one downside being that it is heavier than some. I still want to check out some Chicco strollers at another store because the store's selection we went to did not have much Chicco's.

Yesterday evening, after a nap from the stroller test driving, we went to the in-law's for Father's Day dinner and my parents came over.

After a night of waking up from several leg cramps I am pooped. All I want to do is eat some chocolate chip cookies and milk and go back to bed.

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Christy said...

We have a Graco Duo Glider (a double stroller) and I LOVE it. It is a little heavy, but it steers really well. Graco has some really great products.