Thursday, June 5, 2008

Jealous Pickles

Our kitty, Pussy Pickles, has been acting very odd lately. About a month ago my sister-in-law gave me a little yellow "Scorpio" teddy bear since our baby will be a Scorpio. I brought it upstairs and kept it in the guest bedroom on a super old rocking chair from my mother-in-law. A time or two I noticed that the bear had moved to the other side of the room or in the hallway. Within the last week or so little Scorpio bear has shown up in multiple locations, but mostly in our closet or at the bottom of our stairs. Each time I bring it back upstairs to the rocking chair.

Our dog, Lucy, is not as sneaky as our Puss. Therefore, we immediately ruled her out as the criminal in this situation leaving Puss as our primary suspect. This sneakiness is happening all the time now that I literally look for it at as soon as I get up in the a.m. to see if she had moved it again. Not once have I caught her in the act, and sometimes the bear will literally appear right in front of me, like the cat did the military crawl past me, bear stuffed in her mouth, and dropped it off while I was looking the other way. I have tossed the bear to her to see if she pounces on it or does anything weird, but she simply ignores it. My quest to catch her will continue.

Last week the hubbs and I were sitting on our couch. Hubbs was at one end and I was at the other. Puss was walking all over us like she normally does, trying to figure out who she wanted to snuggle with, when hubbs yelped that she had just sprayed him. I looked at him in disbelief because 1) Only boy cats are supposed to spray 2) She was neutered. He was very irritated that I would not believe him.

Then two days ago I was doing my weights when she walked in and I immediately smelled something horrendously gross. I knew right away, she must of just sprayed something. I have no idea why she would it. Hubbs "googled" cat spraying and it does say that female neutered cats can spray, but it is very uncommon. Usually the reason is due to jealousy. Was our Pussy Pickles turning into a Jealous Pickles? What if she knows I am pregnant and jealous about that? Or what if she thinks Scorpio bear is real and she is jealous of it? So puzzled. She is still acting completely snugly and funny as usual except for her Scorpio bear shenanigans.

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Lainey-Paney said...

oh, bless your heart.
that is the WORST smell.
hope you can get it out!