Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Going Green- Baby Version

I always have thought of myself as environmentally conscious. I shut off the lights when I leave the room, unplug items which don't need to always be plugged in, drive green(er) cars (we even own a hybrid), recycle everything (even Styrofoam), turn off the water when I brush my teeth, buy organic when I can, steer clear of animal tested products, use green cleaning products, etc. In fact, the environment is one of the biggest things I care about when voting on issues, donating money, etc. It is one of my passions (a long with animal rights).

So when thinking about all of the items I will be registering for our little baby girl I figured the going green should not stop. I know that organic/green items are more expensive, but who cares? We all spend loads of money on clothes and entertainment, what about the earth?

Here are a couple of items I plan on registering for. Yes, I even plan on using cloth diapers. They have come along way since I was a baby. Now they have cute little covers and will save me money in the long run.

This diaper bag is made out of recyled bottles (which take years to breakdown in a landfill). It is super cute.

See! Cute stuff! Green things are not ugly! They are cute. This is only a sampling of the organic/green things I have come across so far. I am sure I will find some more things. In the meantime I will continue my quest to add in more green products into my life (energy efficient lightbulbs, green hair and face products, etc.)


Jeninacide said...

My diaper bag is also made out of recycled bottles. It was spendy but I LOVE IT. It looks like it is the same company as the one you pictured based on the little logo-tag... Fleurville?

dcitron said...

I'm always glad to read about moms so much like me...when I was pregnant with my daughter (now 14 months old), I went on search of eco-friendly baby products. In addition to getting hooked on organic cotton, I became a HUGE fan of bamboo clothing for babies. This research also drove me to start www.WhatEveryBabyNeeds.com which focuses on organic and eco-friendly products. Lots and lots of work, but no better way to spend my time (outside of time with my daughter of course) then focused on finding safe products for baby, while meeting other like-minded moms.

Mojavi said...

I am also planning on cloth diapering this time with our baby-girl-on-the-way!

I am nervous about her outgrowing them and having to buy new ones fast...

have you looked at any of the kits?