Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday Ramblings

What is up with the price of gas? It is getting way too out of control. I just paid $4.69/gallon for 89 and it cost $63 to fill up my small car! What are people doing who drive around huge SUV's? I don't understand. Someone has got to step in and regulate the price of oil before everyone stops driving, period.

How come Kettle Corn tastes so good? I wish I could make it on my own but I rely on Trader Joe's who do a really good job of it.

Maternity pants seem to fall down in the crotch a lot. Do they stay up better when the belly gets bigger?

I have noticed the utter lack of good t.v. lately. After all of those season finales, all we have left to watch is Food Network and TLC. Fine by me, but I need some sitcoms mixed in. Enough of this repeat crap.

Still have not seen Sex in the City which I am very bummed about. Maybe I can work that into my schedule this weekend.

Someone brought in brownies and they are sitting outside my desk, all I can smell is gooey dark chocolate goodness. I ate one and got heartburn which is not seeming to faze me since I am considering going for another. There goes my healthy salad for lunch.

Our neighbors recently purchased a bug zapper and have it on the outside of their house so the world can hear bugs getting zapped while trying to go to sleep at night. Not sure why they thought they needed a zapper since we don't live in an area where night bugs are very common, or a problem for that matter. Maybe they got a deal on it at Costco. It is annoying.

Where are all of the cute summer sandals/shoes? I have been looking for super cute flats and there is nothing out there in fun colors. I don't want tan or black! Also, where are those cute sandals I keep on seeing in magazines? I don't see you at Macy's where you usually are!!!


Lainey-Paney said...

You have to see SATC.
Yes, the maternity pants will stay up better/sag less when the belly gets bigger. Then, believe it or not, you may reach a point where even maternity clothes feel too tight!

Gas is killing me.

Anth said...

"Maternity pants seem to fall down in the crotch a lot. Do they stay up better when the belly gets bigger?"

No. They suck.