Monday, July 21, 2008

Traffic, bedding and the movies

Traffic in this county is down right rediculous. There is bumper to bumper conjestion no matter what time you are on the highway. A 20 minute errand is turning into a 45 minute errand. With this traffic and high gas prices I am destined to be a hermit for the next 5 years. That will make my lack of tan even more lacking.

Saw Dark Knight on Saturday. It was good, a bit long and a smidge confusing. Okay, way confusing for me, but that is typical for any action flick when it comes to me following it. Since we got to the theater way early (hubbs' insists on getting to all movies so early that we end up sitting in our seats for about 45 minutes and answering those stupid trivia questions on the screen over and over) it was amazing to see the mayhem that goes on in theaters for a big movie like that. People were trying to save seats and pissing other people off who were trying to find a place. I was so caught up in the soap operas around me that those 45 minutes just flew right by!

Due to the great response from my bedding blog below, I ended up choosing the Sophie collection. I also learned that asking for a stroller from the in-laws would be too rude. I will try to think of a more tactful way of getting to them.

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Jennifer said...

I am just now catching up on blogs after having my baby two months early. I am so excited that you're pregnant!! I can understand the cravings and food aversions and EXHAUSTION. That part never really goes away after they're born!! haha.