Monday, July 7, 2008

Cookie Complex

Lately I have had the need to bake cookies. For some reason my cookies always look weird. They never look like my mom's perfect cookies. They are either small and thick or super flat. Now I know, the cookbooks say, that too thick = too much flour. Too flat= butter too softened. That may be true for many Betty Crocker's, but for me, I follow the rules/measurements to the tee and they still look goofy. Despite looking lumpy or like pancakes, they taste good.

For instance, yesterday I tried out a new chocolate chip cookie recipe which was supposed to leave the cookies more moist and gooey, just the way I like them. In order to be more healthy I cut out some of the sugar and mixed in a mashed up ripe banana instead. They ended up good size, not too little or flat but the bottoms were darker and they were also darker around the perimeter. The banana made them more cakelike than cookielike, but they were still scrumptious, even if they again looked odd. I am a pretty good cook (okay, a really good cook, but more Better Homes and Gardens than Bon Appetite) so this cookie ordeal is creating a real complex. I find myself paranoid and worried while they are in the oven. Checking in on them as they bake to make sure they do not get all weird looking.

I've got a cookie complex and I need help!

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Lindz said...

I was on a smoothie binge until I read this. No wait, the smoothies are pretty amazing (especially if you put peanut butter in them.)