Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Since becoming pregnant and going through our family's tragedy a couple of months ago, my thoughts have started to change. I would say I am typically a planner. I like to know what is in store for me for the next couple of weeks and rarely do I like surprises. I also stress over the small stuff (dishes in the sink, dog hair on the floor, piled up laundry, etc.) but lately I really just don't care. I don't care about petty things, granted some things still rattle my chains, but I just don't get uptight like I used to. I don't have the energy to get all riled up.

Another thing that I am being really good at is not surrounding myself with negative people. There are a couple of people that I know who are negative, and they are in my family. It is hard to avoid them, but I really try to make sure I don't get so bothered by them. I normally would bite my tongue about things they would say, but now I actually argue back and they are surprised because they realize they sound like asses. I used to tend to get negative when I was around these people, now I just look back at how silly it was and such a waste for me to get like that.

Things have been stressful around these parts, but I have a feeling things will go well in the next few days. I know I am being very vague, but I just needed to vent for a while.

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