Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Pour Some Sugar on This!

Went to the doctor's yesterday. My regular OB was booked so her midwife saw me instead. She asked if I was sleeping through the night and I replied "like a rock!" and she remarked "you should be getting up to go to the bathroom! You are not drinking enough water!" After arguing reasons why I have not been drinking enough water I realized just to shut up.

Then she made a comment about this past month's weight gain. I chalked it up to being constipated. She did not like that response and said I was eating too much dairy. I then told her I had ..... hemorrhoids!!!! Yes, I do. It is lovely. She then asked if I wanted her to take a look at them (meanwhile the hubbs' is in the room with me with a bewildered look on his face). I said no. They are happy where they are and not in the mood for an audience thank you very much. She told me about some remedies and that was that.

Then I asked her about the indigestion I have been having after dinner sometimes. Her remark:
"Ahhh! 6 small meals a day! No big meals!".....
"but I eat 6 fricking meals a day lady!" I replied. She then recommended TUMS. Sweet.

Last but not least, she said I should start limiting my sugar... no sugary drinks (which I don't even drink....wait does that include my morning tea with two tablespoons of sugar or my coffee with cream and sugar?), cut out sugar.... period.

Let me just say I walked out of there like a dog with it's tail between its legs. I felt lousy. I have been eating very healthy, but have thrown in more sweets into my diet, that is for sure. I have been exercising. I should drink more water and maybe cut out baking cookies... but come on!!! Just because I am going through a growth spurt does not mean I need to feel like I got sent to the Principal's office.


Christy said...

What an awful experience. My doctor NEVER commented on my wieght. And no sugar? I lived on M&Ms for half of my last pregnancy. I gained 30 pounds with Izzy, and had lost all of it by my 6 week postpartum appointment. Don't stress about it too much.

Mojavi said...

ok WHAT! lol what a freak lady! Unless you have gest. diabetes you do not need to worry about your sugar intake! Second.. YOU ARE SO SMALL! Plus I am not getting up in the middle of the night to pee yet either! It depends on where the baby is sitting on your bladder, not how much water your drinking! Does she even have a degree?? I say blow her off and ask your normal OB. SOunds like she was being happy dr for a day and wanted to sound important.

Anth said...

Ugh. What a killjoy that lady was. Go have a brownie!!

Lindz said...

Um, I just think that Doctor sucks.