Monday, May 5, 2008

The Big Apple

Back in New York for two nights. Got in yesterday evening. Super tired. Almost barfed on the plane as we were landing. I guess that is why pregnant women don't travel. Went to dinner last night with a friend in med school at NYU at Smith & Wollensky. New York knows how to make a good steak. The event I have been laboring over the past several months will be tomorrow and we will fly out afterwards getting in very late. To top things off, my hotel room is the smallest in hotel history. It is a super swanky hotel, however, the rooms are the size of closets. I have been in many New York hotel rooms, which are always typically smaller than the usual, however, these take the cake. I keep on bonking my head, running into the wall and trying very hard to figure out how I am to stuff 50 goody bags in these very close quarters. Guess I will need to squeeze in some shopping to make me think better.

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Marni Tiani Self said...

That sucks!! I hate being stuck in a small place. I seriously need space.