Friday, May 23, 2008

Pregnancy Brain Fart #7,777

The other day we were out of milk, eggs and yogurt. On my lunch I ran over to a close by grocery store to pick up these necessities and brought them back to my office's break room refrigerator to keep until I got off.

Of course I left that evening and forgot them. So the next morning I packed some Corn Chex in a plastic bag and them to work for my breakfast because my milk was there waiting for me. Once I poured the milk into the bowl I realized how thick it looked. I typically do all my shopping at Safeway and always buy their non fat milk. When I was at the other grocery store I could not find non fat milk and picked up instead a gallon of Vitamin D milk thinking it was the same. Little did I know that Vitamin D milk is WHOLE MILK! Who drinks Whole Milk?

So there I am with a gallon of freaking whole milk which I ended up donating to my coworkers for their coffee. No Whole Milk for me. No suree. Yuck. I might as well use Whipping Cream.

Just one example of my Pregnancy Brain.

1 comment:

Anth said...

Ha ha! I guess you could use it to make potatoes au gratin or something...