Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Random Musings of a Pregnant Lady

1) It took me almost a week to ponder what my next blog might entail

2) I held my breath at the ATM the other day because some yahoo wearing wranglers and semi greasy hair was puffing on a cigarette next to me. Doesn't he know I am I am preggers? Who still smokes nowadays?

3) I am starting to get tired again, I thought I was over that a month ago.

4) What is up with people thinking they know if our baby will be a boy or a girl? Like they should know.

5) I am absolutely horrified at the ridiculous lack of cute maternity clothes out there. GAP, are you serious with your lack of sizes? Old Navy, since when did pants that look like you are carrying around a crap in your pants ever look cute? Target, you are actually working in the top/dress front, but where the heck are your pants? I need maternity pants! Badly! Tired of wearing jeans everyday with my Bella Band. It was 98 degrees today, not getting through the summer in pure denim. If I wanted that I would of moved to Iowa to drive my John Deere around. Don't worry I can joke about Iowa, my family is from there. Hence the reason for my love of meat and potatoes.

6) Where did these pigeons come from who congregate on our street's rooftops and crap all over the roofs?

7) Why are there no Dunkin Donuts in California?

8) Is Taco Bell really that bad for me? In particular, two hard tacos and one soft taco?

9) Must....find....cute....summer....purse

10) Some people at work are starting to eye me suspiciously as I begin to wear loose tops and refusal to move cases of wine.


Lindz said...

Re: who smokes now a days? I said the same thing to my co-worker as I perused the Urban Outfitters Home website for a gift and saw that apparently they still make ash trays. Who buys ash trays now a days?

Christy said...

I got most of my maternity tops from Target, and my pants from Motherhood Maternity. It can be tough finding cute/reasonably priced clothes. Who wants to spend a fortune on clothes that you can only wear for a few months?

There is a damn Dunkin Donuts on every corner in New Jersey. It is INSANE.

Jeninacide said...

You haven't told the people at work yet?!

P.S. I am the coworker that Lindz mentions above! HA!