Friday, May 16, 2008

You Know It's Hot When....

....when your dog is panting at 8 at night like she ran three miles but all she was doing was just laying down

.... when you cat is about to start panting herself

.... you are putting on your makeup in the morning and it slides off because of the sweat beading up on your face

....when you don't believe your car thermometer when it says 104 degrees but think it must be closer to 110

....when it is not any cooler inside or out of the house don't mind standing in a cold shower

....nothing sounds good to eat except any kind of ice cream or popscicle choose to never leave the office all day to avoid any split second you might be in the heat

....when the weather man says it will start being cool by being in the 90's

....the only thing that sounds good to wear is nothing at all, a big statement coming from a pregnant lady

....when going across the street to the mail box sounds like a marathon


Christy said...

Damn, it must be hot!

Marni Tiani Self said...

I feel your pain. My AC froze over on Saturday from running it too much. Thank goodness the cool has set back in!

Not So Perfect said...

I miss the heat.