Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Martha Stewart's Long Lost Cousin

I read a lot of awesome blogs that are written by people that have the following sweet skills:

1) Great sense of style...every.stinking.day

2) Culinary expertise when it comes to crafting the best recipes ever

3) Ability to take an object like say, socks, and take a photo of said socks with a special angle and lighting where now the socks look all exciting and stuff

4) Home decorating suaveness (is that a word?). This area is a component that I am completely lacking. As we are totally in the midst of house hunting, I have no desire or clue to decorate the shanty bungalow we are living in currently. However, I do hope to decorate our future new house with inspiration from many of the design blogs I read as well as pages from Potter Barn. Duh.

5) Craftiness. Again, not an area that I am strong in. Never been good with being patient enough to construct, build, create things. Although, I really wish I could. I am impressed on end of the cool things some of you out there are able to create out of balls of twine, toilet paper holders and bobby pins. Okay, not exactly those items, but you get what I am saying. Having a toddler makes me really want to get more crafty. While I know my way around the sewing machine, sort of, I think it would be cool to take up sewing. Maybe aprons to start... But this would require me to get a sewing machine first...

Basically, after reading awesome blogs all the time I begin to feel like Martha Stewart's inferior long lost cousin Fran, from West Virginia. No offense to those in West Virginia. I am sure it is a lovely place.

To finish off this productive post, check out my new scarf! I really love it for the color, how soft it is and the fact that it is freezing around here.

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Christy said...

I can crochet, but that is about it. And I didn't learn how to crochet until after Porgie was born. So, there is hope for Martha's inferior cousin.

Kristen said...

Gorgeous scarf!

And I know exactly what you mean about feeling like Martha's long lost cousin sometimes (by the way, that analogy definitely made me laugh). It's what made me so hesitant to even start a blog. But I finally jumped in and I am so glad I did. You have nothing to worry about either, lady! :)