Monday, December 27, 2010

Closet O' Mine

I am on vacation until next Tuesday. I couldn't be happier... but I am finding myself with so much time. Time to make coffee, breakfast and brush my hair 537 times if I so please. Time to file my nails after I trim them rather than dash to work with unfiled razor sharp claws. Time to look through the ol' closet o' mine and realize there is a crap load of clothes I have been hanging on to that I keep thinking I just MIGHT wear when/if I get pregnant again one day and need something nice and roomy in the first trimester, or for a special night of going out which doesn't happen often enough, or maybe for a trip to Palm Springs for lounging by the pool, because heck I only wore it once on our Jamaican honeymoon and the dress wasn't on sale for the love of... you get the picture.

I worked in a trendy boutique in college very similar to Anthropologie. While working there I accumulated a lot of higher end labels (for me) that I don't even wear now, yet it was when I was really poor in college... makes sense right (My commission paid for the threads)... So a new little consignment shop has opened up close by and I want to bring in some of these things that I have never gotten rid of because they were kind of worth someone? I have some Free People tops, Michael Stars, a Betsey Johnson beaded sweater which I think was like $250, a Prada purse, a Diane Von Furstenberg dress, etc. etc. All of these items don't fit me right anymore nor do I care for their more "loud" style. And btw... aside from Kate Spade, DVF is my favorite designer, so it really saddens me to part with this dress, however it was a gift and is a light purple gray and sherbert orange striped dress. On my fair skin it looks capital H- Horrendous.

Back to this tanget. With all of this time on my hands, I will be dropping off these more valuable purged items to this consignment store this week and giving the rest to Goodwill. But because I will now have so much more room in my closet... do you think I can work this item in?
This little number is one of the new Spring arrivals at Bannana Republic.


Kristen said...

Ahh, that purple BR dress! So gorgeous. I didn't know they had spring arrivals out yet...this is trouble for my BR card! :p

And I think you should definitely get rid of the things that aren't "you" anymore. They sound like really nice pieces, so I know someone else will really appreciate them. Then make room for more beauties (like that purple dress) in your closet!

Nikosmommy said...

The BR dress is super cute! Consign and giveaway till the cows come home...out with the old and in with the very cute new!!!