Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Holidays Cards!

I am pretty proud of myself. It is November 10th and we have already completed our family holiday pictures that will be showcased in our annual Holiday Cards. I decided this year I wanted to have plenty of time to mull over the designs so I could pick "THE PERFECT" card. This year I am going to be getting my cards from Shutterfly. Holiday cards really are that one chance to show your family's personality without being in the same room, and that is why I get so into them, and also why I got the photography taken care of so early this year.  Shutterfly not only is great spot for cards, but also for photo books and calendars. Last year I made calendars for my parents and in-laws showcasing some of Miss S's cutest pics. They loved them and it is always fun to see them hung up on the wall at all of their houses. I definitely will be doing the same this year.

Shutterfly has so many great designs. Designs that are classic, vintage, contemporary and whimsical. How will I be able to pick out just one? However, it just so happens that I have narrowed my selections down to these three... can you help me pick one? Remember, I like classic and preppy things with a vintage edge. Got that?

Another cool thing about Shutterfly is this great promotion they are offering Bloggers right now. You can get 50 cards free! Check it out here. Now that is what I am talking about. We all know the lists of gifts you will be shopping for this holiday season, so get a little help from Shutterfly and get 50 free cards and better yet.... you know they will look great.

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MarvelousMOM said...

Oh, I like the second one. So cute. I need to get a good picture of everyone! You are one up on me. I am in love with Shutterfly seriously. I find every excuse possible to order things! I'm stoked on this offer. :)