Thursday, March 11, 2010

What's Goin' On PART DEUX

1) The weather is starting to hint that Spring might be just around the corner. Weekends are starting to be consumed with more trips to the park.
2) I can’t believe Easter is merely weeks away. I so need to get Miss S’s dress still and get her pictures taken.
3) I ordered some Girl Scout Cookies from a co-worker’s kid and quickly realized that I really didn’t need three boxes, so I gave one to my parents. I know super exciting shit.
4) I am really looking forward to warm weather. Typically I am a winter girl since I am fair and like being amongst the pale crowd, but now that I have a kiddo, all I can think about are long lazy days of summer, taking walks after dinner while it’s light out and Mommy & Me swim classes and BBQ-ing.
5) Miss S is getting her “Eye teeth” in on the top and bottom. They are causing her some pain but she still is not as cranky as when she got 5 teeth in all at once.
6) Miss S is such a book lover. I so get a kick out of her reading her stories out loud, gibberish after gibberish. It is so cute, I want to eat her up.
7) I am wearing a pencil skirt today without tights. Let me tell you my legs are white! Bring on the self tanner!
That’s all I got in me.

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Lindz said...

Skirts without tights! Wow! I wish it would STOP raining here so that I could do that too. I want spring to arrive so very badly.