Thursday, March 25, 2010

Easter Ideas

Aight, folks. I need some ideas on what to put in an Easter basket for a toddler. Growing up my Easter baskets were chalk full of goodies, mainly of the chocolate form, but usually I would get one legit toy, namely a doll. The toy would usually be hidden a la an Easter egg hunt. One year, my mom hid a Cabbage Patch kid in the oven. It wasn't on, of course. I remember bartering with my older brother to exhange his Reese's egg for my Peeps. It never seemed to work out in my favor. The Reese's eggs were prized possessions in my household and it would usualy be the first thing I consumed.

So now that I have a wee one to make holidays magical for as they were for me, I need some ideas. Miss S is too little to eat Whoppers, Jelly Beans, etc, so what kind of sweet treats are good? I was also going to toss in some new barrettes, maybe a bathing suit (although the reappearance of our wintry weather brings no indication that Spring will be back anytime soon, thus swimming in a pool is a bit far out).

As far as the Easter bunny is concerned, there will be no visits to see him this year. Each sighting so far at the mall has brought looks of terror and panic that I have had to beeline into a Disney store just for solice.



Neil and Meredith Larson said...

rice crispie treats are pretty toddler friendly or those biter biscut cookies- my mom always threw in a book and a tooth brush too. I'm going to steal your swim suit idea and put one in my little girls basket :)

Jeninacide said...

My son was easy last year when he was about Sonya's age. I put some plastic animals, crayons, a chocolate easter bunny, and some bath toys in his basket- which was actually a BUCKET with a shovel for the beach, because we were going to the beach soon after. We will actually BE at the beach for Easter this year so he is getting ANOTHER bucket...

I always got candy, a bathing suit, and some little toys in my basket. Once you hit the store there is TONS of stuff you won't have a problem filling a basket, trust me.

Lainey-Paney said...

I was going to mention rice crispie treats too.
Crayons for toddlers...or those markers that only write on Crayola paper...
All little ones like bubbles.

New bath toys???
Veggie-tales movies???

Just Jiff said...

I'd go with some of those meltaways toddler snacks, rice krispie treats, bath toys, bubble bath, and bubbles to play with outside. :)