Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Not that it officially Spring around these parts, I have decided to rid every last closet of unnecessary items. I have held on to too much stuff through the years with the thought that I would some day find that I need an oblong table cloth for a rectangle table, or need a pair of slacks I haven’t worn in three years but that I got on Clearance at Express and were a good deal dammit!, or the 478 dishtowels that have pasta stains all over them that I continue to store.

I think I will start in my closet first. I am finding that my work style has kind of changed through the years. At the early part of my career I wore collared shirts and sweater vests all the time, thinking that is what professional women wore. Since having Sonya, I think my style has been kicked up a notch primarily in an effort to make sure I still look fresh even though I am now a mom. So anyways, I will be tossing out a lot of collared shirts, cheap tops from Old Navy and slacks from Express that I just loath all of a sudden making my room for breezy blouses, my blazer & cardigan collection and skirts.

Then I will move on to the linen closets, Hubbs’ closet and finally our office closet. This past weekend I pulled out all of Miss S’s clothes that are too snug or too short and put them in storage. She has a little stash of Spring clothes going. I can’t believe she is moving into 24 months clothes. I think that half the reason she doesn’t have many warm weather clothes is because I have not wanted to move up from 18 to 24 months. She just is getting to be such a big girl!

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