Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A little bit Martha

Each evening is a mad dash to get dinner on the table by 6.   I have been churning out average meal after average meal night after night. Mind you, I am a good cook. Since I was in such a hurry  I would forget to season the dishes that well or I would take things out of the oven prematurely. I know, all bad moves.

On Saturday I sat down with my cookbooks and went through and wrote down a bunch of recipes that I want to make because I usually will see a recipe some place and forget to make it and end up preparing something boring.

Then I picked three recipes from that list to make this week. I only picked three because I knew they would have leftovers. I wrote out my shopping list like I usually do to include things for the recipes, but I made sure to include EVERY ingredient for each recipe. I have found that if I say I will go back later in the week for an ingredient or two, I don't end up making that dish and resort to grilled cheese.

One of my recipes was a Vegetarian Minestrone. I bought some extra BPA free storage containers and made the soup on Sunday night after Miss S was in bed. I doubled the batch and put both containers in the freezer. Last night we ate the soup for dinner and we still have some for another weeknight in a the freezer.

Besides the soup I have made a good meal each night this week because I have had all of my ingredients ready to go. On Monday night I made Paula Deen's "Quick Pot Pie". Instead of cooking chicken and cutting them up, I ended up using two packages of Foster Farm's Chicken Breast Strips which made things that much quicker, and that chicken really is tasty, take it from me, someone who usually doesn't like chicken, unless it is fried.

So now the plan is that on each Sunday night I will cook one meal but double the batch and freeze one for a later time and eat the other that week. I know all of this is not rocket science. And I know probably majority of people are already doing this. It has just taken me awhile to realize that I don't like bland food.


Marni's Organized Mess said...

I often feel like I accomplished a big feat over stuff it seems like everyone else is doing. I feel behind the times, so I totally get where you are coming from.

Congrats on the meal planning! It gets easier. Then you get into ruts. Skip back to grilled cheese. Get frustrated and start up again. Such is life, right? :)

Lindz said...

You are my inspiration. I need to start doing this. Also, if you want to join fashion week, it's over at emery's blog

Never too late.