Thursday, September 30, 2010

Toddler Throwdown

My toddler tends to pull her diaper off when she is in bed. She likes to get undressed then redress herself. Even if it means two legs are in one pant leg or her head doesn't make it through it's hole but her arms do. She likes to put each leg through a swim diaper and keep them on her ankles so they look like leg warmers, or leg flotation devices. She spreads out her blankets, random rugs, towels and napkins on the ground and then places her dolls there for them to "shhh....sleeping" or she will simply lie down for a quick 2 second nap. When she sees her Play Dough she says "I make!!!, I make!!!". She dances with great rythm to California Gurls. She calls Grover, Groger and sings the Caillou tune over and over. When people start singing Happy Birthday, she blurts out "Happy Birthday Cupcake!" because she automatically assumes cupcakes will soon arrive when we sing that song. She plays dress up with my high heels. And prances around in front of our full length mirror showing off her new assecories. She bursts into tantrum with no warning from the weather center, but with great flourish and drama. Somehow, she can quickly forget what upset her with any slight ounce of distraction. She is the sweetest thing and she is so right about her love for cupcakes. She is my cupcake and I am so happy that she is my girl.

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