Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Flat Out

I have found a new obsession. Flats. Now, don't get me wrong, I still love my pumps, particularly my BCBG peep toes, however, with the new skinny jean styles, flats couldn't look cuter with them. Adding more fuel to the fire is that it always seems like they are in the cuter colors and patterns than pumps. When I wear flats, I walk quicker (burning more calories), feel a bit more sturdy on my feet, and just have a spring to my step. With this new obsession, I definitely plan on working flats into more wardrobe so that they aren't just for weekends anymore, but for the week too. I have recently loaded up with a couple of pairs from Target to add to my slim inventory.

Here are my top picks for cutest and most versatile season after season.

Tory Burch Reva Metallic Flat- A bit out of my price range, but some day I will own a pair, dammit. I love the gold, but I also really like the black. Nothing says "chic" more than these. To me that gold icon at the toe is like the Burberry plaid. It makes a statement.

Report Lem- A great classic black flat with some bling. I've always been a sucker for some shoes with a little Bedazzle. I picture wearing these with cropped black pants or skirts and dresses with tights this Fall and Winter.

Kate Spade Abbie- Another pricey one, but do these make me giddy. Basically, I have a larger obsession with Kate Spade, but that is a whole other post. How cute would these be with a black dress?

J.Crew Driving Moc- I always love driving mocs. Maybe it's the preppy in me, but they just scream Fall and sweaters and scarves. All my favorites. Plus, you can't beat J.Crew's quality.

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Lindz said...

Love the driving moc and of course Tory Burch but I'm poor too.