Friday, May 7, 2010

18 Months

Today you are 18 months old. I can not believe my little and spunky baby is now a year and a half! Where did the time go? You are such a wonderful and beautiful girl who never ceases to amaze me with the things you say and do.

You recently have started speaking in sentences; and will repeat commands to the dog that your dad and I bark out (no pun intended). You know when you have “pee-pee’d” in your diaper and I think you are only a few weeks away from potty training.

One of the most favorite things I like to do with you is read books. However, I prefer when you read them to me. I can’t really get what you might be saying but you deliver each sentence as though you are a conductor in front of an orchestra.

We dance together to Snow White. You throw your hands in the air and twirl during certain softer songs and I am really starting to see the Ballerina in you. During the “Work, Work, Work” song from Cinderella, you giggle when you hear the mice talking.

The fact that you are always on the go in a near sprint has caused many scrapes and bruises recently. The other day I counted five different “owies”, each of them you were never fazed when they occurred. You are so tough and make your playmates look like little wussies !

I cherish each and every moment I get to spend with you. I live for you and I love our little mommy-daughter connection. You are my girl.

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