Thursday, May 13, 2010

Energize This

I have been running on limited energy lately. I’ve noticed being really tired whenever I do any sort of activity, it doesn’t have to be physical. I am kind of out of shape, I would like my ass to be a bit more taut, but overall, I think I look pretty good for relying on chasing my toddler around as my main source of exercise. I am trying to get back into pilates, which I really do enjoy.

I just never remember being this wiped consistently. What is really kind of strange is that I am not stressed either. I have been really good lately in not letting things get to me (except for my pre-Mother’s Day anger). I don’t know if I am anemic, dehydrated or what. Another thing that is going on concurrently to my lack of energy is headaches. Pretty much for the last two weeks I have had headaches every day. Not migraines, but just annoying, energy suckers. Those mofos.

I am thinking about trying to be better at doing my pilates DVD’s and drinking more water. I hate this feeling and I want to get my energy back.