Monday, May 24, 2010

You Spin Me Round....

I took Miss S to JC Penney on Saturday to get her 18 month pics taken. The last time we had some taken they were done by a professional. They were FABULOUS but much more expensive than the ol' white back drop deal. So I figured I should alternate between fancy and cheap. Although after my experience on Saturday, I don't want to go the cheap route again. Honestly, I almost smacked the JCP photographer about 3 times for being a total BITCH to me. Won't ever go back there. Period. Oh, and one shot somewhat turned out. I think Miss S is like, half smiling.

I have continued to feel like garbage for the last week. After Miss S is in bed I just crash on the couch with NO energy. I just feel like I am spinning around and around. I finally made an appt. for the doctor tomorrow. Hubbs has no sympathy for me since I have neglected getting to the doctor as I would be totally agravated with him if he had done the same.

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Just Jiff said...

I hate JCPenney for the same reason. The so-called "manager" is probably the rudest and most annoying one where I used to go.

I just take Bayley's photos on my own. I suppose at some point I'll fork over the money for a professional, but I doubt it.

Are you sure you aren't pregnant?