Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pampered Paula

Last Saturday I used up a spa gift certificate and got an 80 minute pedicure. It was somewhat relaxing, but the chair was tilted back like a recliner and after awhile I started getting a headache so it ended up not being as relaxing as I had hoped. I think I need to just stick with the $18 pedicures at the place down the street. There I can get in and out quickly and they still give you great foot massages.

Since the weather is due to be gorgeous this weekend and there is no rain the in the forecast I have decided it is time to bust out my self tanner regimen. I use Neutrogena Build A Tan. I am so fair that I notice a difference INSTANTLY. It takes a week or so to get my technique down. I tend to get streaks on my (bulging) biceps for the first few days. Then my base gets dark enough that the streaks aren't as noticeable. The scent of self tanner is pretty funky, but for some reason I don't really mind it. It reminds me of warm weather.

I have been binging on popcorn for the past week after dinner and while I am sitting my ass on the couch as I watch Real Housewives of New York City. Popcorn is my FAVORITE snack. Hands down. I can eat it plain, buttered, salted, caramel, Kettle style, home style. Heck I even find myself eating the bright orange kind that has been sitting in one of those cheap 15 gallon tins with pictures of kittens that usually are in the break room during the holidays. If it's popcorn, I like it. Disclaimer: As much as I love popcorn, I will not add that disgusting liquid butter at the movie theaters. I like it straight up.

Miss S has become quite the little helper. She likes to help feed Lucy, put her clothes away in her hamper and do the laundry with me and hubbs. It is quite cute and I love watching her get so excited.

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Just Jiff said...

I love that Bayley helps clean up... but is Sonya doing the indepence thing yet? Bayley must choose the shoes she wears with the outfit I put her in. They usually don't match and I just don't care. It's not worth the fight.

I hope Sonya skips that part. :)

I like popcorn only on occasion because I don't like getting kernels stuck in my teeth.